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How far a electric bike could go?

The question has no accurate answer for it, because it dependent on rider's interested, how often the assisting powers are applied, the battery capacity, and either journeys are taken on road or in mountain. There is a common approximated calculation for reference for anyone who is interested in knowing it.


Initial state:

A rider weight 75kg who is riding a 36V hub motor electric bike with continuous 200W output running at 25km/h, and the battery capacity is 36V/8.7Ah.

The electrical current prediected according to given initial state:

150W / 36V = 4.17A

The maximun time prediected according to the current calculated above:

8.7Ah / 4.17A = 2.09h

The maximun range prediected according to the time calculated above:

2.09h x 25km/h = 52.25km


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